Biyernes, Mayo 9, 2008

OnLine Short Cut Words.

All chatters, bloggers, post mania have there own short cut worlds they are using to keep the short massaging and lessen the bulky of the files the sending. even in text massaging they keep all long words short.
the following short cuts are arranged in order and where can you see them... i know some of them dont know bout it... and some are i dont even encounter or it doesnt been said more often.

addy - email address
am, pm, eve, moning - time of day
c2c - cam to cam
brb - be right back
chng - change
chrch - church
cn(t) - can(t)
crp - crop
d8 - date
gud - good
els - else
helo or heo - hello
hlp - help
hu - who
lmao - laugh my ass out
lol - laugh out loud
luv or lov - love
lyf - life
l8 - late
msg - messege
nid - need
ol - all or OnLine
pm - private or personal messege
r - are
u - you
sn - screen name
sggsxon - suggestion
txt - text
wot - what
& - and
4 - for

There are many short words in the inter net i will up date my blog when i get some more

Biyernes, Mayo 2, 2008


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